Precision Lathe Machine

Special Features

  • Bed is graded Alloy casting, parts are manufactured in our foundry, high tensile strength cast 20to 25 grade iron.
  • Right construction of bed for taking maximum loads. Bed type 2 V& 2 Flat.
  • Perfect gap bed machine insuring the real works
  • Hardened & Ground bed ways

Head Stock :

  • Head stock body is of latest specially design
  • Induction hardened and ground spindle of special alloy steel. All centrifugal running parts are well balanced
  • Back gears teeth are helix Angel

Gear Box :
  • Gear box arrangement for real time saving equipment.
  • Quick change gear box provides changes of feeds & threads.
  • Separate lade screw & feed shaft for threading pitch accuracy.

Apron :
  • Apron are totally enclosed oil bath system
  • Lever type arrangement for automatic feeds.
  • T-slot on carriage for mounting special features.
General :
  • Graduation dial for tail stock & apron wheel movement.
  • Metric system micro collar for all screw and nut.
  • Tailstock sleeve is tang shank type of heavy drilling.
  • Easy inter changeable parts.


Heavy Duty Lathe Machine


Light Duty Lathe Machine

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